Payten and Jones

11 Garnook Grove, Badger Creek, Victoria, Australia


04 1859 6627

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Payten and Jones formed by two natives of the Yarra Valley, Behn & Troy,  with irreverent humour and life is fun approach.  Naturally they fell in with the wrong crowd and became Vignerons/Winemakers.

Our wines are a little different – they are a little murky in the glass and can sometimes throw a bit of sediment. They always look better with air, served at the right temperature with amazing food and great company.

We feel that drinking these wines is equivalent to experiencing a live band (or Operatic Play, if that way inclined) as opposed to listening to the recorded track – minimal intervention, ‘raw’ processes, not filtered or cleaned up in any way. With this, you can feel that sense of place.

Our wines aren’t ‘squeaky clean’, they are ‘edgy’, ‘raw’ or even ‘operatic’ #dadjoke. For us – interesting and real with a little soul left in… And bloody good with any food. We are also indebted to the people who feel the same when they drink one of our wines, be them Bush Poet or or even Queenslander.

Winery Irreverent Humour

Pinot Noir Syrah Chardonnay Sangiovese

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