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This is your listing submission form from where you  will  be able to add your business or product to FindYarraValley.  The form will allow you to add basic details for free for a 12 month period.  If you wish to add additional details such as the brands of things you sell or the services you offer this will cost a nominal fee of $7.50 per month.  These additional items can be found through both the mobile or desktop versions.

You can use your existing Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts to create an account on TapFindLocal or register a new user account if you require.  For a new account an email address is required.

Once you have registered and entered you basic details you can edit you account to add details such as images or specials you may have.

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    Selection of this option allows you to list your business for the duration of multiple years with a standard category and a description of your Things, Brands and Services
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    This is a monthly fee to allow you to enter details of the brands and or services you provide at any time. eg. a cafe may sell Coffex as its brand or a Winery may lists Weddings as a Service.
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